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landscape photography

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

Florencio Barroso belongs to Tenerife in Spain and is settled there for over 16 years. Barroso’s specialty is her landscape photography which enables her to capture the night time as well as the nature in a unique way that is truly different to everyone else. She also stated that her photography is aimed at reflecting

Food Photography

Impressive Food Photography

Katie Newborn is a creative photographer who was born and brought up in the Napa Valley which is home to a wide range of farms and wine makers. Newborn now has her own studio which is located in the warehouse in the Emeryville. Katie Newborn’s interests lie in working with her clients at the cool

Pictures of Rainbows

40 Beautiful Pictures of Rainbows

There is not a shadow of doubt that rainbows are associated with the positive feelings, power of diversity as well as creative energy. From the Greek Goddess Iris to the Rainbow Serpent of the Aborigines of Australia, the rainbow is widely looked at the tool of perception.As the article progresses, you will be informed about

Vespa Scooters

30 Beautiful Pictures Of Vespa Scooters

Vespa scooters are not a recent invention. Instead they have been around for longer than you know. The thing about Vespas is the elegance and the style they ooze. These are words you normally wouldn’t associate other motorized scooters but they do complete justice to Vespas and the style they carry. These cool vehicles were

playing in rain

30 Amazing Photographs Of Children Playing In Rain

If you have kids in the house, rainy seasons are going to be much loved time of the year. Playing In Rain makes kids become even more active so there is no way you are going to get some with the children when it is raining outside. Obvious as it may become, you will then

Holding hands

30 Best Pictures Of Couples Holding Hands

Holding hands has been the perfect symbol of love, protection and warmth since forever. Not only this, it is an outward expression of commitment that will stay as long as you live. This form of public display is now rarely seen. Hold his/ her hand with their puppy love to their more blossoming years used

black and white portraits

Black and White Portraits

Often people find the most beauty in black and white and that is right. Betina La Plante’s work is just the perfect example of how beautiful and attractive black and white portraits can turn out to be. Plante is a full time mother and practices her love for photography after certain intervals. Her specialty is

couples photography

Romantic Examples of Posing Couples Photography

A wedding is a standout amongst the most sentimental occasions in a couple’s life, a day that they will think once again on for whatever is left of their lives together. A wedding picture taker ought to have the capacity to catch the euphoric feeling of that day with pictures of the function, the trade

Digital Camera

Digital Photography Tutorial

When you have purchased a digital camera, the fun may not appear to be over. Nor will the using end. In the wake of purchasing an electronic contraption like a digital camera, it calls for a cluster of accessories to improve its execution and security. A number of these are seen in Digital Photography tutorials thus