Art has its own value in this world that makes it unusual and unique and many countries are gifted with amazing artists and art style. Like European street art is one the famous and well known for street graffiti or art. Actually, it feels good to view street painting however it’s been illegal in some countries. But sometimes, one can find amusing designs on streets; in fact, 3D art work always got viewer’s love and attention. An artist can depict his/her thoughts with sprays, paints and stencils, not only for hobby but also for social messages.

European street art12

European street art

Europe has vast region of street artists and art as well. In various areas, Germany, Italy and Spain owe incredible artists and these pictures would let everyone know that what could be done with paints, colors and with Impactful thoughts.

European street art work:
Well, when it comes to know about it, street art is created in public place and interesting thing is whether the area is prohibited for such kind of activities. In fact, many artists would have been arrested or caught by cops. But, after getting people’s love and support, artist have gained fame and popularity. That’s how newbies are becoming professional street artist, now-a-days. However, digital art work is also in trend as with the help of tools and computer, by creating illusions.

European street art13

European street art14

Inspiring and Innovative:
As shown in pictures, the amazing work of world class artists, the first thought comes in mind is incredible and how an artist did it. As everyone knows that this art needs open space so that public can easily recognize. It’s not only about modern thinking, protesting or something else, Artists have portrayed cultural aspects of life, societies and that’s how people fell in love with this art work. The pictures are gracefully showing up the imaginative intention and message of artists.

European street art21

European street art22

Aspects of European street art:
Without adding aspects of street art, this post won’t be worthy. In 1980s, this art came into existence, not exactly, but widely. And now it has become so popular that youngsters are becoming habitual of it. Everyone knows that art is a god gift but after practicing and learning one can try his/her skills.

European street art7

European street art23

  • Modernisation of street art: Time has changed everything and that’s good for professional artists because for them, the days have gone when artists used to hide him/her identity. But now, it’s become profession for them. And street art has got another synonym, Graffiti, graffiti art, as used in B-boying dance and hip-hop dance as well.
  • Artist’s view: No wonder, street art is still illegal in some countries so artist needs to travel along many places. In fact, a world class artist, who wants to make something unique and world class, needs to observe world, society and humanity. So, that’s why it’s hard to find professional artist at place at one time. Consequently, many of artists remain without that fame and honor, and just left their art work at global level.

European street art1

European street art2

European street art3

European street art4

European street art5

European street art6

European street art8

European street art9

European street art10

European street art11

European street art15

European street art16

European street art17

European street art18

European street art19

European street art20

European street art24

European street art25

European street art26

European street art27

European street art28

European street art29

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European street art31

European street art32

European street art33

European street art34

European street art35

Street art is one of the best and amazing art form, especially performed in public place. And now, European street art. has been popular amongst people widely. Art has no limits and limitations and it can be used for the good of people. People need to support this art to keep it alive and evergreen. Photography lovers always seek for something new to capture that moment and capturing a street artist work won’t be big deal. So, be an art lover!!