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jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year1.2

Top 15 jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year

Creating website is nothing less than an art, and this is done to give an amazing online experience to the users. To make the experience amazing different colors, fonts and plugins are used, such that users can conveniently use the website. The choice of plugins must be made from jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year which

Creative Photoshop Brushes for Designers1.2

25 Creative Photoshop Brushes for Designers

Photoshop brushes are of immense use while designing a project but it takes lots of efforts while making a choice of an appropriate brush. With vast variety available in the market, choosing a high quality brush makes the task even more difficult. For making the task of choosing creative Photoshop Brushes for designers an easy

aquarium Design Idea

40 New Style Aquarium Design Ideas for your Home

Keeping fish as a pet in your home is a very unique way of interior decoration. Actually fish are kept in water tanks or aquariums at home. These aquariums add an extra flavor in interior decoration. Although the colorful fishes are also a great part of it but still the first thing which people notice

Creative advertising on building30

35 Creative Advertising on Building

This is the world of fast paced competition and that causes to do promotions for spreading awareness among people and advertising is the perfect and best way of promotion. Well, companies and firms are fond of promoting their products that’s how advertisements can be seen easily everywhere. In fact, NGOs also prefer creative advertisements on

anti-smoking ads31

30 Creative and clever anti smoking ads

God gives life to the people and some of them are making it ill and sick so as to reach end point. Everybody knows that smoking kills and even then many of people are addicted to it. News channels daily showing that how many of people died or suffering from lung problem, even the worst

photoshop tutorial

12 Awesome Photoshop Tutorial Glass

Photoshop has taught everyone cool tricks which never go out of fashion. The software simply gives you a variety of options to just keep learning. From text styles to font modifications, from adding color to changing backgrounds to images, there is nothing you cannot do with Photoshop and that is why Photoshop tutorial is a