Art has its own value in this world that makes it unusual and unique and many countries are gifted with amazing artists and art style. Like European street art is one the famous and well known for street graffiti or art. Actually, it feels good to view street painting however it’s been illegal in some countries. But sometimes, one can find amusing designs on streets; in fact, 3D art work always got viewer’s love and attention. An artist can depict his/her thoughts with sprays, paints and stencils, not only for hobby but also for social messages.

European street art12

European street art

Europe has vast region of street artists and art as well. In various areas, Germany, Italy and Spain owe incredible artists and these pictures would let everyone know that what could be done with paints, colors and with Impactful thoughts.

European street art work:
Well, when it comes to know about it, street art is created in public place and interesting thing is whether the area is prohibited for such kind of activities. In fact, many artists would have been arrested or caught by cops. But, after getting people’s love and support, artist have gained fame and popularity. That’s how newbies are becoming professional street artist, now-a-days. However, digital art work is also in trend as with the help of tools and computer, by creating illusions.

European street art13

European street art14

Inspiring and Innovative:
As shown in pictures, the amazing work of world class artists, the first thought comes in mind is incredible and how an artist did it. As everyone knows that this art needs open space so that public can easily recognize. It’s not only about modern thinking, protesting or something else, Artists have portrayed cultural aspects of life, societies and that’s how people fell in love with this art work. The pictures are gracefully showing up the imaginative intention and message of artists.

European street art21

European street art22

Aspects of European street art:
Without adding aspects of street art, this post won’t be worthy. In 1980s, this art came into existence, not exactly, but widely. And now it has become so popular that youngsters are becoming habitual of it. Everyone knows that art is a god gift but after practicing and learning one can try his/her skills.

European street art7

European street art23

  • Modernisation of street art: Time has changed everything and that’s good for professional artists because for them, the days have gone when artists used to hide him/her identity. But now, it’s become profession for them. And street art has got another synonym, Graffiti, graffiti art, as used in B-boying dance and hip-hop dance as well.
  • Artist’s view: No wonder, street art is still illegal in some countries so artist needs to travel along many places. In fact, a world class artist, who wants to make something unique and world class, needs to observe world, society and humanity. So, that’s why it’s hard to find professional artist at place at one time. Consequently, many of artists remain without that fame and honor, and just left their art work at global level.

European street art1

European street art2

European street art3

European street art4

European street art5

European street art6

European street art8

European street art9

European street art10

European street art11

European street art15

European street art16

European street art17

European street art18

European street art19

European street art20

European street art24

European street art25

European street art26

European street art27

European street art28

European street art29

Construction Of New ECB Headquarters Building Continues

European street art31

European street art32

European street art33

European street art34

European street art35

Street art is one of the best and amazing art form, especially performed in public place. And now, European street art. has been popular amongst people widely. Art has no limits and limitations and it can be used for the good of people. People need to support this art to keep it alive and evergreen. Photography lovers always seek for something new to capture that moment and capturing a street artist work won’t be big deal. So, be an art lover!!

Technology has risen up so higher and it is becoming essential part of human’s life, in every aspect of life. In earlier days, there were just pictures and big cameras, needed strong arm or support for balancing, means, just simple pictures without much editing. But now, technology and science has served with several soft wares and tools. Digital art, photo manipulation is somewhat sort of term which is used in digital art work practices. Well, this is all about artistic work, where an artist used his art and creativity to express the feelings and life in pictures.

digital art27

Incredible digital art work examples

Well, the techniques of digital art are used in media, film industry, for making 3D images and much more. The touch of art work does not only enhance the beauty but also makes it realistic and imaginative.

What are the aspects of digital art:
It’s computer generated and can be purely imaginative. Here, media art/digital art can work in sculptures, drawings and photographs as well. Even, when it comes to movie related work, graphic designing art may let the work done. So, digital technology and its techniques are vital part of every single aspect which needs creativity and illusions. Various movies are made beautifully via digital work. Of course this needs master in expertise of tools and software.

digital art9

digital art11

Subtypes of digital field:
This is just a start as this when someone comes into the world of digital technology and its work, there is vast field and subtypes of its. The working of modification, either of music, video, movie, photographs, even the video games for kids, comes under this niche. The professional or one who have accepted this field as carrier is fond of using his/her art skills.

digital art6

digital art7

Technology and tools:
The major advantage of it , is to make all things realistic and lovely. The professional artist uses tools and his/her creativity so as to make an amusing animated effect. Even it needs hard work to get enough capability to do work. And this is not only the tools what can do work but also the creativity and the imagination as well. Honestly speaking, an artist can transform a simple picture into another era of beauty and charm. In fact, the anime cartoon wallpaper can be made so stunning that kids would want to have them as desktop wallpaper.

digital art25

digital art26

Impact of digital artist and his/her art:
Digital work is used in various fields and when an artist depicts his/her creativity and skills via software and tools then consequently a new feeling and message born. The thing is artist thought of out of the box. Even sometimes, just simply clicked pictures can come under niche of most powerful photos and they are without editing or effects, so what could be done with digital technology? Of course, the unexpected, and that’s how graphics designer can make creative ads for spreading awareness among people. And here, the impact works that’s because of eye catching view and feelings that artists gave.

digital art14

digital art15

digital art1

digital art2

digital art3

digital art4

digital art5

digital art8

digital art12

digital art13

digital art16

digital art17

digital art18

digital art19

digital art20

digital art21

digital art22

digital art23

digital art24

digital art28

digital art29

digital art30

digital art31

digital art32

digital art33

digital art34

digital art35

No wonder, industry demands expertise of best artists and of course, sometimes creative and art lovers seek for something unique and incredible. That’s how people search desired pictures and digital art work so as to get familiar with what could be done with techniques and tools. Here, this post serves some selected pictures of digital work as done by professionals from all over the world. Now, this is going to be unexpected and amazing experience for you and let us know which one, or more than one pictures you liked. And being an art lover, feel free to share your valuable views.

The days has gone when people used to capture a moment by digital camera and then doing all technical stuff like negatives, scanning in darkroom and all. Technology has grown up higher and photography is now becoming people’s hobby and profession. Actually, photography is an art and it allows capturing anything without any restriction. That’s how people like to take photos of nature and forests and trees so as to keep that moment as memories. And when it comes to manipulate a photo, editing of photos needs some professionalism. Human photo manipulations are showing creativity with simple photos.

human photo manipulations36

Human photo manipulations

In order to enhance the beauty of picture obviously every photographer does editing with required software. In fact, in every aspect of life whether it’s decorating a house, or having new hairstyle everyone needs editing, decorating and which depends on creativity.

What is human photo manipulations:
First, looking via photos one can observe the illusions and keenness as it happened just by image editing and manipulation is the application of technique used for image editing. However, normally clicked pictures also look amusing as natural beauty always hit the viewer’s heart and are known as powerful pictures. But, on order to enhance gorgeousness and to give a glamorous personality manipulation is that opt one should go for.

human photo manipulations6

human photo manipulations7

Impact of human photo manipulations:
Just by looking these photos what comes in your mind? The awesomeness and creativity glows in the photos. Here, manipulation is somewhat kind of imagination as any scene or view can be added with in a picture. And the unexpected view of normal human picture could be made by manipulating it only and that’s the only thing which can represent amazing artist inside you. Even though a manipulated picture looks so simple and classic but it takes a lot of hard work and experienced expertise on editing.

human photo manipulations15

human photo manipulations16

Human photo manipulations as profession and personal:
As a manipulated photo took technical and creative retouching so consequently it depicts the newly fresh photo. As world is becoming glamorous and therefore many professional photographer are doing manipulation with original photos so as to make a clean and spotless photo. Especially, people who belong to modelling profession usually seek for expert photographer for having excellent photos.
Those who are fond of photography and have knowledge of editing photos always try to create something new. And when it comes to add photos to personal collection, editing a photo is not an easy task either it’s about creativity or working on software.

human photo manipulations20

human photo manipulations21

Things to remember about human photo manipulations:
People love to have personal collection of edited photos in laptops and mobile phones. And everyone wants to impress his/her friends by doing artistic work on original clicked picture. And if you have decided to manipulate a photo not only to impress friends but also to accomplish it as hobby or interest, then these following things would help you worthy.

  • Original photo: Yes, first thing first and once it has been decided to create an incredible photo with manipulating it, make sure to get the original photo clear and avoid the blurred one.
  • Tutorials: As it needs technical knowledge and sincere work so being a newbie one should opt for tutorials. And tutorials can be easily found on internet.
  • Practice: Practice is the only way which can transform an amateur to expert as the perfect one. So, before manipulating a specific photo it would be better to practice before.

human photo manipulations1

human photo manipulations2

amber gangi - july 15th 2007

human photo manipulations4

human photo manipulations5

human photo manipulations8

human photo manipulations9

human photo manipulations11

human photo manipulations12

human photo manipulations13

human photo manipulations14

human photo manipulations17

human photo manipulations18

human photo manipulations19

human photo manipulations22

human photo manipulations23

human photo manipulations24

human photo manipulations25

human photo manipulations26

human photo manipulations27

human photo manipulations28

human photo manipulations29

human photo manipulations30

human photo manipulations31

human photo manipulations32

human photo manipulations33

human photo manipulations34

human photo manipulations35

Actually, in life everyone loves to do whatever they want to do and when it comes to hobby, interest and profession, creativity must be comes from heart and imagination. These human photo manipulations might boost up viewers as after viewing these photos everybody would want to try his/her creativity with clicked photos. Even a small kid can edit a photo on laptop for his /her school project so, why not youngsters and adults.

Making a painting is not an easy task as everybody knows and even it is quite confusing to understand the meaning of painting, sometimes. Every painter has a thought and imagination, which can be seen through the art of painting with colors. Actually, artistic thinking is essential not only to make a painting but also to get the thought which is hidden inside the painting. And most surprising thing of painting is its price in auction. It’s not only in case of paintings that depict a thought or message but also in photographs as for instance, most powerful photographs. Now, here we presenting most expensive paintings ever sold in history and one will be thinking about price only as all of these were sold in millions.

Most expensive paintigns 8

Most expensive paintings

Either it’s a painting or any photographs, its real cost belongs to the message and thought as it has to directly hit the viewer’s heart. But practically in auctions, people came and bid for desired paintings.

How do a painting affects people:
Sometimes, an ordinary painting which is made by school going child, may stuns the viewers. As the realistic view and deep touching thought present in it silently touches the heart of people. Kids are fond of cartoon character and as therefore, one can have beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers for desktop background.

Most expensive paintigns 3

Most expensive paintigns 4
Either everyone is not a professional artist/painter but when it comes to select a gift for lover (who actually loves long drive ride) partner can have him/her romantic long road wallpapers. That’s the magic of conveying message to the people and paintings are one the right and worthy source to do so.

Painting costs so expensive:
Well, an international and world class artist makes a painting being an artist and he/she loves the art. In fact, government is also aware of painting art as we can see historical paintings in museums. Moreover, NGOs do also have paintings for selling them for the good of people, for the society. Like NGOs run a campaign for spreading awareness for animals among people so they also use pictorial view like powerful animal ad campaigns.

Most expensive paintigns 7

Most expensive paintigns 9

Here, the day comes when an auction organises by any firm or company and rich people came and buy expensive paintings. Of course, rich family who not only want to set a status symbol in society but they do also have interest in paintings, buy a painting. Whatever be the cost of painting if a person loves any specific painter or likes a random painting which suits his/her mentality, then he/she do not want to lose that painting at any cost. Even if painting costs in million dollars.

The firm or company who organises the auction, they have the money and alternatively they use it for social work and yes, artist gets the payment also.

Most expensive paintigns 5

Most expensive paintigns 6

Why do people buy most expensive paintings:
No one can deny that buying these paintings is not likely to do by everyone. Rich families always prefer to do something unique and unusual in order to keep life style well. In fact when it comes to decorate residence, they prefer to hang an expensive painting rather than an ordinary local painting.

Most expensive paintigns 1

Most expensive paintigns 2

Most expensive paintigns 10

Most expensive paintigns 11

Most expensive paintigns 12

Most expensive paintigns 13

Most expensive paintigns 14

Most expensive paintigns 15

Most expensive paintigns 16

Most expensive paintigns 17

Most expensive paintigns 18

Most expensive paintigns 19

Most expensive paintigns 20

Art has its own importance in art lover’s life and some of them like to capture a painting or painter so to make a personal collection. Yes, after viewing these most expensive paintings may be one can have wish to own these paintings. But unfortunately if it’s not possible to buy paintings then don’t need to worry about it. Just by downloading these painting pictures may be one can full fill his/her desire to own an expensive painting.
Enjoy with these expensive paintings!!

Art owns a vast field and artist’s life is also vast as people believe in that artists don’t earn so much in their life. Photography art depends on one’s interest and passion. And even sometimes photographers amaze people by their ultimate photos in suitable angle. Now-a-days, photography has been famous widely and especially youngsters are passionate about it, as for them it’s not only a hobby but also a profession. While hunting for most expensive photographs in world on internet, seekers would know about that a photograph can cost so high that a person who sold it can live life without doing work either.

most expensive photographs in world6

Well, while viewing these photographs may be one can scratch his/her head to understanding what makes the photograph so costly. Even being a viewer you could be surprised and shocked.

Most expensive photographs sold in million dollars:
Yes, That’s true as in various countries, national and international auctions were organised and rich people came there and the bid was drastically in millions for a photographs. Of course, honestly speaking in first look no one can believe that these photographs sold in millions.

Why do these photographs are so expensive:
However, a picture taken by photographer artist obviously have a sense and realistic view as it depicts the beauty of picture. But when it comes to its cost in millions, it’s unbelievable and not easy to understand. Actually, any firm or company having a collection of historical pictures of any man, war scene or it could be of any identical place. Now, when auction organises, rich people come and they bid for any specific photograph as much as costly. Here, these people own a hobby or passion of collecting expensive photographs as showpiece or as their personal collection.

Sometimes, when there is any disaster (like earth quake or flood) widely and affect the population so NGOs may also organise auction for charity funds. And for getting charity money, they do have many ways to have it and selling photographs or painting is one of them. So, we can say that a photograph price could be used for good of people. That’s the smarter and passionate way of helping people who suffer from disaster.

Most expensive photographs in world

Rhein II(1999):
Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $4.3 million
Well, this is record beating photograph as defining the beauty of nature. The click shows Rhine River under overcast sky.

most expensive photographs in world1

The Pond Moonlight:
Photographer: Edward Steichen
Price Tag: $2.9 million
This was taken in 1904 in Mamaroneck and as it shows, depicting the sunlight through trees and reflection in pond water.

most expensive photographs in world2

Tobolsk Kremlin:
Photographer: Dmitry Medvedev
Price Tag: $1.8 million
This photograph was sold in charity auction and taken by Russian president.

Kremlin of Tobolsk

Photographer: Edward Weston
Price Tag: $1.6 million
This was made in 1925 and sold in 2008 and still is a most expensive photograph.


Georgia O’Keeffe:
Photographer: Alfred Stieglitz
Price Tag: $1.49 million
This was sold in 2006 in an auction.

most expensive photographs in world5

Dead Troops Talk:
Photographer: Jeff wall
price Tag: $3.6 million
This picture shows the Red Army Patrol in 1986, Afghanistan.

most expensive photographs in world6

99 Cent II Diptychon:

Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $3.34 million

Andreas_Gursky-04 .jpg

Los Angeles (1998):
Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $2.9 million
This photograph shows the grid like lighting of city as clicked at right time.

most expensive photographs in world8
Chicago Board of Trade III
Photogrpaher: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $3.3 million
This beautiful picture shows the chaos among traders in trading office.

most expensive photographs in world9

Photographer: Richard Prince
Price tag: $3.4 million
This was untitled photograph and shows a cowboy swinging rope to catch another horse.
most expensive photographs in world10

However, it is not possible for every buy such kind of pictures. But even, if one have a wish or dream to see most expensive photographs in world, this post assures everyone to worth. So, take a look at these photographs and price tag so as to guess about them.

Like humans, animals are also living things on this planet and many of us love them deeply. Usualy, many of species can’t be looked out in society, because they do have their own house-land, forest. However, in many countries, government have announced some areas as national park in order to keep them safe and free to live. But unfortunately, due to over-harvesting or hunting animals are getting invisible. And did any one of you have ever thought of about their life and area. Animal ad campaigns have been there to convey an effective message at broad level so smartly and gently, that no can deny that designers gave voice to these voiceless.
animals ad campaigns5

Animal ad campaigns

Animal ad campaigns are about animals spreading awareness in society, either on environmental or social issues. Designers are doing a wonderful and significant job as not only to save animal species but also to their house.

What are animal ad campaigns:
Actually, some NGOs(Non-governmental organisation) or social people who have dedication and worry about animals, organise such kind of campaigns. And animals ad campaign contains a picture of animal or specific species, with some editing which convey message to people very politely so that everyone get touched. Simply and smartly way of spreading a message through the advertisement with animal is so known as animal ad campaign.
animals ad campaigns24


animals ad campaigns26

Why there is need of animal ad campaigns:
In any specific country if hunting or killing a particular animal is already prohibited and a campaign has been running all over the country. Then there is need to take this campaign at broad level so that many of people get aware of it. This is how and where the animal ad campaign comes and does the job widely.
Now-a-days, promotion is the key of success and in order to make a campaign successful, more and more people should be connected with it. And that’s what the advertisement does.
animals ad campaigns20

animals ad campaigns21

animals ad campaigns22

How and why people get affected by animal ad campaigns:
As governmental or non-governmental organisation has decided to start a campaign then here the designer shows the creativity and realistic pictorial view to hit the viewer’s heart so as to encourage him/her.
The bright colors, innocence of animal and the edited part make an advertisement significant. While viewing an animal ad campaign, people got touched and inspired by that ad. Even sometimes ad contains a pet animal like dog or cat, so that to let the people realize about partiality and unfairness with animals.
animals ad campaigns17

animals ad campaigns18

animals ad campaigns19

How to make an ad more effective:
Designers know almost everything about how to make a shot! Here, the intention behind to make an advertisement is to spread message or to raise awareness about burning issue which has to be public. But it should be more attractive and sensible so that everybody would like to be a voice of it.
Now-a-days, technology is blooming and it would be best to make a combination of animal and animations. Like, by using bright colors and also if the humor (showing in advertisement) could be more sensual so that it stick with the viewer’s emotions. An advertisement needs plenty of viewers so it should be in shopping complex and on public places. On internet thousands of animal ad campaigns are there and are doing well also.
animals ad campaigns1

animals ad campaigns2

animals ad campaigns3

animals ad campaigns4

animals ad campaigns6

animals ad campaigns7

animals ad campaigns8

animals ad campaigns9

animals ad campaigns10

animals ad campaigns11

animals ad campaigns12

animals ad campaigns13

animals ad campaigns14

animals ad campaigns15

animals ad campaigns16

animals ad campaigns23

animals ad campaigns27


animals ad campaigns29

animals ad campaigns30

Making an animal ad campaigns is not so easy task to do for anyone. This is about like a walking away with hand in hand and later more hand would be added. A campaign is actually a voice, a promise and an inspiration for everyone.
Be a voice of campaign!!