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Macro photography Of Human Eyes

40 Macro photography Of Human Eyes

40 Macro photography Of Human Eyes

Macro photography is a very interesting subject or a part of photography. As the macro photography deals with close-ups and detailification of an object, the most important part of is its capturing sense. It needs a lot of expertise and ability to handle the instruments, lighting factors etc. Macro photography mainly catches the very tiny

Best Steps to Win a Photography Competition111

10 Best Steps to Win a Photography Competition

Photography is an inborn talent which comes from within, however it can be polished by getting training under some of the experts. During the phase of photography photographer tends to participate in different competition to gain fame and name in the world. When participating in a competition it gets important to follow the best steps

Reviving images of water drops28

30 Reviving Images of Water Drops

When we talk about natural images, images of hills waterfalls grass gardens comes in our mind even creativity causes to watch. But when we need something extremely beautiful and lovely, then nothing cannot be better than the Reviving images of water drops. The images containing water drops always look phenomenal. You can set these pictures

Secrets that every Street Photographer Should Know100

10 Secrets that every Street Photographer Should Know

Photography is an art of clicking pictures. Street photography is difficult to define because it encompasses just about any type of fields. A wedding photographer takes pictures of wedding ceremonies, a portrait photographer poses someone while clicking pictures, a nature photographer clicks pictures of natural places as deserts, and things, whereas a street photographer can

Most powerful pictures3

25 most powerful pictures of 2014

A good picture is worth a many words as it says about human condition and amazingly hit the heartbeat of viewers. However, a picture contains emotions and feelings so as to convey the message about life. Like, for spreading awareness regarding  humanity, many organisations are doing this by spreading antismoking ads. This is the magic

Kremlin of Tobolsk

Top 10 Most Expensive Photographs in World

Art owns a vast field and artist’s life is also vast as people believe in that artists don’t earn so much in their life. Photography art depends on one’s interest and passion. And even sometimes photographers amaze people by their ultimate photos in suitable angle. Now-a-days, photography has been famous widely and especially youngsters are

examples of perspective photography

40 Cool Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Camera is the most common gadget these days. Clicking a photo is not as difficult as before. Cameras are developed so much that a person with less knowledge of it can also do a good job. If you have done a mistake then do not get worried just click it another one with different settings.

cool macro photography

25 Inspirining Macro Photography

Photography is a great source of inspiration and motivation. It takes us near to the beauty of nature. There are various types of photography. Out of which Macro photography is one of them. What is Macro Photography? Macro is a term which means to get very closer to the thing. Minute and small things when

mother and son photography poses

25 Cute Mother and Son Photography Poses

Clicking through camera is not at all difficult but a perfect epic is really tricky. Photography is a tremendous art and for that its schooling is required. Sometimes people are born with a talent of being a good photographer without any training. Selection of correct angle, contrast, color and light is essential for an ideal

amture vs professional photography2

Amateur VS Professional Photography

As Albert Einstein says’ the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’.  Your work, speech and behavior can easily reflect your status, as you are a real professional or an amateur. It is not necessary that not only professional person poses all the skills to get success because he was also once a