Creating website is nothing less than an art, and this is done to give an amazing online experience to the users. To make the experience amazing different colors, fonts and plugins are used, such that users can conveniently use the website. The choice of plugins must be made fromĀ jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year which gives the best characteristics to the site.

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year1.1

Jquery Parallax Plugins of the year

Bee3D Slider – Touch Enabled

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year1

It is a floating 3D Slider and carousel plug-in which makes use of JavaScript and CSS3 transformation.

  • It can be easily customized
  • User can make the required changes as and when required and suited to the user

Awesome Shop- Premium catalog grid

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year2

It can be used for creating sliders which have the must see effects. Any kind of content can be added on to the sliders which may include text, images, HTML or other buttons.

Parallaxer: jQuery Parallax effects

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year3

This plug-in can convert any kind of content into a good parallax effect to bring charm to your website.

  • It is comfortable with any kind of content which is given to it, be it images, video players, sliders etc
  • It is compatible with every kind of browsers and can also be used on Android or IOS


jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year4

This helps the user to create a parallax background for the website, and CSS techniques are used for putting such background images.

Magnetize: jQuery Responsive 3D Parallax Gallery

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year5

This plug-in makes use of the 3D gallery which has responsive layout and also facilitates a touch navigation which facilitates the use of CSS3 animation.

  • The image in this plug-in is distributed into three layers of animation
  • The image can be clicked to view it in full size.


jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year6

It can be implemented easily and also comes with easy procedures which are helpful in building up animations on the website.

Multi scroll.js

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year7

This is really useful in creating divided multi scrolling pages which divides the website into two vertical strolling.

  • It is completely useful and is adopted in all the modern websites framed in these days
  • This is supported by CSS3 and it can also be used in case of old browsers
  • It is quite convenient to use them on mobile or touch devices


jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year8

It is one of the open source library which helps in adjusting CSS on the bases of interaction. A parallax scrolling website can be created easily.


jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year9

This can help the creator of the website to create a division at the background. This division can be customized with ease.

  • A plug-in in the activated, animated or reactive form can be chosen
  • The plug-in used will automatically adjust to the division on the website

Parallax Slider

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year10

It has collection of sliders which comes in different 4 versions. These four versions come with two skins and it can be used as fixed dimension or for full width.


jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year11

This is a lighter plug-in which allows the creator of website to move in line with the parallax on the site.

  • This can be easily installed within the system
  • It does not needs much configuration

Cool kitten

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year12

This is a collection of HTML, JavaScript and also CSS which can be used by the designers and developers of site. The best a website can do is being compatible with every kind of browser, tablet or mobile and have a good visual effect and this also can be done with this plug-in.

Fraction slider

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year13

This plug-in is for image and text files on the website which allows activating the animations on the site.

  • Different kinds of animations can be chosen
  • It can make the site look attractive

jQuery Scroll content

jQuery Parallax Plugins of the Year14

This allows the user to create some unique and beautiful styles of navigation which creates contents of the website through animations and colors and it keeps the visitor engaged on the site.