Making a painting is not an easy task as everybody knows and even it is quite confusing to understand the meaning of painting, sometimes. Every painter has a thought and imagination, which can be seen through the art of painting with colors. Actually, artistic thinking is essential not only to make a painting but also to get the thought which is hidden inside the painting. And most surprising thing of painting is its price in auction. It’s not only in case of paintings that depict a thought or message but also in photographs as for instance, most powerful photographs. Now, here we presenting most expensive paintings ever sold in history and one will be thinking about price only as all of these were sold in millions.

Most expensive paintigns 8

Most expensive paintings

Either it’s a painting or any photographs, its real cost belongs to the message and thought as it has to directly hit the viewer’s heart. But practically in auctions, people came and bid for desired paintings.

How do a painting affects people:
Sometimes, an ordinary painting which is made by school going child, may stuns the viewers. As the realistic view and deep touching thought present in it silently touches the heart of people. Kids are fond of cartoon character and as therefore, one can have beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers for desktop background.

Most expensive paintigns 3

Most expensive paintigns 4
Either everyone is not a professional artist/painter but when it comes to select a gift for lover (who actually loves long drive ride) partner can have him/her romantic long road wallpapers. That’s the magic of conveying message to the people and paintings are one the right and worthy source to do so.

Painting costs so expensive:
Well, an international and world class artist makes a painting being an artist and he/she loves the art. In fact, government is also aware of painting art as we can see historical paintings in museums. Moreover, NGOs do also have paintings for selling them for the good of people, for the society. Like NGOs run a campaign for spreading awareness for animals among people so they also use pictorial view like powerful animal ad campaigns.

Most expensive paintigns 7

Most expensive paintigns 9

Here, the day comes when an auction organises by any firm or company and rich people came and buy expensive paintings. Of course, rich family who not only want to set a status symbol in society but they do also have interest in paintings, buy a painting. Whatever be the cost of painting if a person loves any specific painter or likes a random painting which suits his/her mentality, then he/she do not want to lose that painting at any cost. Even if painting costs in million dollars.

The firm or company who organises the auction, they have the money and alternatively they use it for social work and yes, artist gets the payment also.

Most expensive paintigns 5

Most expensive paintigns 6

Why do people buy most expensive paintings:
No one can deny that buying these paintings is not likely to do by everyone. Rich families always prefer to do something unique and unusual in order to keep life style well. In fact when it comes to decorate residence, they prefer to hang an expensive painting rather than an ordinary local painting.

Most expensive paintigns 1

Most expensive paintigns 2

Most expensive paintigns 10

Most expensive paintigns 11

Most expensive paintigns 12

Most expensive paintigns 13

Most expensive paintigns 14

Most expensive paintigns 15

Most expensive paintigns 16

Most expensive paintigns 17

Most expensive paintigns 18

Most expensive paintigns 19

Most expensive paintigns 20

Art has its own importance in art lover’s life and some of them like to capture a painting or painter so to make a personal collection. Yes, after viewing these most expensive paintings may be one can have wish to own these paintings. But unfortunately if it’s not possible to buy paintings then don’t need to worry about it. Just by downloading these painting pictures may be one can full fill his/her desire to own an expensive painting.
Enjoy with these expensive paintings!!