Making a painting is not an easy task as everybody knows and even it is quite confusing to understand the meaning of painting, sometimes. Every painter has a thought and imagination, which can be seen through the art of painting with colors. Actually, artistic thinking is essential not only to make a painting but also to get the thought which is hidden inside the painting. And most surprising thing of painting is its price in auction. It’s not only in case of paintings that depict a thought or message but also in photographs as for instance, most powerful photographs. Now, here we presenting most expensive paintings ever sold in history and one will be thinking about price only as all of these were sold in millions.

Most expensive paintigns 8

Most expensive paintings

Either it’s a painting or any photographs, its real cost belongs to the message and thought as it has to directly hit the viewer’s heart. But practically in auctions, people came and bid for desired paintings.

How do a painting affects people:
Sometimes, an ordinary painting which is made by school going child, may stuns the viewers. As the realistic view and deep touching thought present in it silently touches the heart of people. Kids are fond of cartoon character and as therefore, one can have beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers for desktop background.

Most expensive paintigns 3

Most expensive paintigns 4
Either everyone is not a professional artist/painter but when it comes to select a gift for lover (who actually loves long drive ride) partner can have him/her romantic long road wallpapers. That’s the magic of conveying message to the people and paintings are one the right and worthy source to do so.

Painting costs so expensive:
Well, an international and world class artist makes a painting being an artist and he/she loves the art. In fact, government is also aware of painting art as we can see historical paintings in museums. Moreover, NGOs do also have paintings for selling them for the good of people, for the society. Like NGOs run a campaign for spreading awareness for animals among people so they also use pictorial view like powerful animal ad campaigns.

Most expensive paintigns 7

Most expensive paintigns 9

Here, the day comes when an auction organises by any firm or company and rich people came and buy expensive paintings. Of course, rich family who not only want to set a status symbol in society but they do also have interest in paintings, buy a painting. Whatever be the cost of painting if a person loves any specific painter or likes a random painting which suits his/her mentality, then he/she do not want to lose that painting at any cost. Even if painting costs in million dollars.

The firm or company who organises the auction, they have the money and alternatively they use it for social work and yes, artist gets the payment also.

Most expensive paintigns 5

Most expensive paintigns 6

Why do people buy most expensive paintings:
No one can deny that buying these paintings is not likely to do by everyone. Rich families always prefer to do something unique and unusual in order to keep life style well. In fact when it comes to decorate residence, they prefer to hang an expensive painting rather than an ordinary local painting.

Most expensive paintigns 1

Most expensive paintigns 2

Most expensive paintigns 10

Most expensive paintigns 11

Most expensive paintigns 12

Most expensive paintigns 13

Most expensive paintigns 14

Most expensive paintigns 15

Most expensive paintigns 16

Most expensive paintigns 17

Most expensive paintigns 18

Most expensive paintigns 19

Most expensive paintigns 20

Art has its own importance in art lover’s life and some of them like to capture a painting or painter so to make a personal collection. Yes, after viewing these most expensive paintings may be one can have wish to own these paintings. But unfortunately if it’s not possible to buy paintings then don’t need to worry about it. Just by downloading these painting pictures may be one can full fill his/her desire to own an expensive painting.
Enjoy with these expensive paintings!!

A good picture is worth a many words as it says about human condition and amazingly hit the heartbeat of viewers. However, a picture contains emotions and feelings so as to convey the message about life. Like, for spreading awareness regarding  humanity, many organisations are doing this by spreading antismoking ads. This is the magic of pictures and now, we brought up most powerful pictures of 2014. While viewing these pictures, may be one can either feel good or bad. These pictures are showing the reality and exact feeling of when a person feels happy or sad, sometimes painfully.

Most powerful pictures3

Most powerful pictures

Pictures can be work as mirror for a person like NGOs also used this method for conveying their message as like with powerful animal ad campaigns to let us know about how we can help to animals. Actually it’s a magic of picture’s message. The reality is powerful picture is actually a powerful moment which epitomizes the feelings on humanity.

Most powerful pictures8

Most powerful pictures9

What is most powerful picture:
Actually, powerful picture does not mean that a picture have something dashing or stunning. There is a touching thought behind every picture and that’s how a picture comes in most powerful niche. And as in daily life, enormous things happen with humans and it could be any disaster, flood or the most memorable moment of one’s life. And capturing that moment of overwhelming expression makes a picture power so that whenever people look at picture
they do have the same feeling.

For example, if a lover wants to impress his/her partner (who loves long drive) with just a picture then by setting romantic long road wallpaper will surely do so.

Positive and negative powerful pictures:
Positive powerful pictures are captured moments of happiness or we can say that crying moment of a mother when she met her daughter after seven years. And the moment when a mother hugs her daughter, need to be captured. And that’s how watching such sort of picture may brighten up smile and spark up the loveable feelings for mother.

Most powerful pictures24

Most powerful pictures14

Here, negative powerful pictures may let anyone cry or upset the mood. But when it comes to capture a real moment like of because of massive earth quake houses broke down and everything blown away and leaves nothing behind. And at that moment, the guy who lost everything related to him/her, either family or house, sits on road and cry badly. And yes, this is worse condition to watch this view in real. But a photographer does it with hard heart.

Most powerful pictures13

Most powerful pictures12

What we can learn by viewing most powerful pictures:
However, it’s about feeling the same exact situation that’s how one can realize the importance of loved ones because a picture can spark a fear in heart of losing. And, as we all know nature have its own rules and nobody knows what and why does the god creates such situation. But instead of thinking about this, one thing that we have learnt that in life whatever is happening, there must be love and happiness in humanity. So, that’s how one can decrease the pain and increase the happiness, just with sharing with each other.

Most powerful pictures1

Most powerful pictures2

Most powerful pictures4

Most powerful pictures5

Most powerful pictures6

Most powerful pictures7

Most powerful pictures10

Most powerful pictures11

Most powerful pictures15

Most powerful pictures16

Most powerful pictures17

Most powerful pictures18

Most powerful pictures19

Most powerful pictures20

Most powerful pictures21

Most powerful pictures22

Most powerful pictures23

Most powerful pictures25

Have you ever thought of how did a photographer captured these sensible moments? Yes, this question might stick in one’s mind but the truth is a photographer does it for humanity. However, by sharing these most powerful pictures of 2014, we are hoping that if there are any other more pictures you want to share with us, please feel free to speak up!!

Art owns a vast field and artist’s life is also vast as people believe in that artists don’t earn so much in their life. Photography art depends on one’s interest and passion. And even sometimes photographers amaze people by their ultimate photos in suitable angle. Now-a-days, photography has been famous widely and especially youngsters are passionate about it, as for them it’s not only a hobby but also a profession. While hunting for most expensive photographs in world on internet, seekers would know about that a photograph can cost so high that a person who sold it can live life without doing work either.

most expensive photographs in world6

Well, while viewing these photographs may be one can scratch his/her head to understanding what makes the photograph so costly. Even being a viewer you could be surprised and shocked.

Most expensive photographs sold in million dollars:
Yes, That’s true as in various countries, national and international auctions were organised and rich people came there and the bid was drastically in millions for a photographs. Of course, honestly speaking in first look no one can believe that these photographs sold in millions.

Why do these photographs are so expensive:
However, a picture taken by photographer artist obviously have a sense and realistic view as it depicts the beauty of picture. But when it comes to its cost in millions, it’s unbelievable and not easy to understand. Actually, any firm or company having a collection of historical pictures of any man, war scene or it could be of any identical place. Now, when auction organises, rich people come and they bid for any specific photograph as much as costly. Here, these people own a hobby or passion of collecting expensive photographs as showpiece or as their personal collection.

Sometimes, when there is any disaster (like earth quake or flood) widely and affect the population so NGOs may also organise auction for charity funds. And for getting charity money, they do have many ways to have it and selling photographs or painting is one of them. So, we can say that a photograph price could be used for good of people. That’s the smarter and passionate way of helping people who suffer from disaster.

Most expensive photographs in world

Rhein II(1999):
Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $4.3 million
Well, this is record beating photograph as defining the beauty of nature. The click shows Rhine River under overcast sky.

most expensive photographs in world1

The Pond Moonlight:
Photographer: Edward Steichen
Price Tag: $2.9 million
This was taken in 1904 in Mamaroneck and as it shows, depicting the sunlight through trees and reflection in pond water.

most expensive photographs in world2

Tobolsk Kremlin:
Photographer: Dmitry Medvedev
Price Tag: $1.8 million
This photograph was sold in charity auction and taken by Russian president.

Kremlin of Tobolsk

Photographer: Edward Weston
Price Tag: $1.6 million
This was made in 1925 and sold in 2008 and still is a most expensive photograph.


Georgia O’Keeffe:
Photographer: Alfred Stieglitz
Price Tag: $1.49 million
This was sold in 2006 in an auction.

most expensive photographs in world5

Dead Troops Talk:
Photographer: Jeff wall
price Tag: $3.6 million
This picture shows the Red Army Patrol in 1986, Afghanistan.

most expensive photographs in world6

99 Cent II Diptychon:

Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $3.34 million

Andreas_Gursky-04 .jpg

Los Angeles (1998):
Photographer: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $2.9 million
This photograph shows the grid like lighting of city as clicked at right time.

most expensive photographs in world8
Chicago Board of Trade III
Photogrpaher: Andreas Gursky
Price Tag: $3.3 million
This beautiful picture shows the chaos among traders in trading office.

most expensive photographs in world9

Photographer: Richard Prince
Price tag: $3.4 million
This was untitled photograph and shows a cowboy swinging rope to catch another horse.
most expensive photographs in world10

However, it is not possible for every buy such kind of pictures. But even, if one have a wish or dream to see most expensive photographs in world, this post assures everyone to worth. So, take a look at these photographs and price tag so as to guess about them.

Changing wallpaper is somewhat kind of based on one’s interest. And people always prefer to choose that particular wallpaper which suits their nature, intention and attitude. Moreover, it depends on what we like and want to feel the presence of it as in the form of wallpaper. Kids and youngsters like to have superheroes and cartoon wallpaper, as like dragon ball z wallpaper to beautify the desktop background. But whenever people fell in love with someone special, then obviously Romantic wallpapers got the preference. And by setting long road wallpapers for you lover, one can easily convey the romantic feelings.

romantic long road wallpaper (5)

Romantic long road wallpaper for your lover

Of course, it is going to be exciting for couples and lovers. These wallpapers would not only make the desktop background cool and amusing but also tend your girlfriend/boyfriend for knowing that how much love you have in heart.

Why to choose Long road wallpapers:
Couples usually want to go for a long drive so as to spend some moments just with each other. Those moments would become one of the remarkable and memorable moments of life. Just imagine how much romantic it could be to go with partner on long drive at sunset time and watching real beauty of nature and talking about life and love. Sometimes, unfortunately couples did not get any way to go out but meanwhile they have willing to go for long drive.
Here, these wallpapers may let your lover feels that you also have passion and want to spend time on a long drive.

romantic long road wallpaper (3)

romantic long road wallpaper (4)

Romantic wallpapers as a Gift/Surprise:
Especially, Couples who are in live in relationship or who mostly live with each other, use same laptops or may be one laptop as for both of them. So, in case it’s her/his birthday or Valentine’s Day then this could be a best opt. to go for. She can see it surprisingly while log in laptop and then alternatively this would be most lovely and romantic surprise for her.

Sometimes, it would be much better to know if any specific place or road she wanted to go before. Then after, just need to search on a website, a long road wallpaper for downloading. And in order to make it more lovely or decorative, one can edit it by writing any message or quote which signifies the feelings of love.

romantic long road wallpaper (9)

romantic long road wallpaper (10)

When it comes to choose long road wallpaper, there are plenty of ideas and places out there.
It could be a hill area where snowfall has already happened or the road where the leaves of tree have fallen down as in end of spring. Moreover, the most amazing and exciting long drive experience could be happen in raining.

How to download a long road wallpaper:
Downloading a wallpaper is quite easy work for anyone. But, before downloading wallpaper, searching on websites could take some time so as to get desired and best suitable as in accordance to touch her/his heart.

romantic long road wallpaper (17)

romantic long road wallpaper (18)

And, as all knows that internet has virus or spam stuff also and it can drastically affect any laptop. So, get the antivirus first for searching long road wallpaper comfortably. And it is going to be a gift or messenger as romantic long road wallpapers for your lover, so never compromise with quality and size of it.

romantic long road wallpaper (19)

romantic long road wallpaper (20)

romantic long road wallpaper (21)

romantic long road wallpaper (22)

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 92

romantic long road wallpaper (24)

romantic long road wallpaper (25)

romantic long road wallpaper (26)

romantic long road wallpaper (27)

romantic long road wallpaper (28)

romantic long road wallpaper (29)

romantic long road wallpaper (30)

romantic long road wallpaper (13)

romantic long road wallpaper (14)

romantic long road wallpaper (1)

romantic long road wallpaper (2)

romantic long road wallpaper (6)

romantic long road wallpaper (7)

romantic long road wallpaper (8)

romantic long road wallpaper (11)

romantic long road wallpaper (12)

romantic long road wallpaper (15)

romantic long road wallpaper (16)

In love, romance is indeed an important and essential part as it keeps the love for longer. Romance is the way to express love and feeling in personal and special manner. Romantic guys and girls are mostly fond of seeking a best gift and lovely way to spiral up the relationship with love. And romantic long road wallpapers for your lover are just a contribution and dedication to all lovers.
Get any of wallpaper and let her/him know your romantic way!!

Everybody knows that using a laptop is a common thing now-a-days. People spend most of time on PC or laptop and therefore changing theme and wallpaper is what they usually do. Now-a-days, people are becoming a lover of anime movies, television short films and also the comic books. Dragon ball Z is one of the popular anime television series and kids are die-hard fan of this anime character. So, having a stylish and classic wallpaper of favourite anime character may not only impress friends but also keeps alive the passion for Dragon ball z. These beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers will surely give a spicy and astonish looks to desktop background.

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (28)

Beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers

However, people like to have desired wallpaper for desktop, especially of that particular view they wanted to have. But when it comes to try new wallpaper, kids seek for something unique that looks amazing and beautiful. And by viewing dragon ball z wallpaper, anyone can try any of them and more also.

Why to choose Dragon Ball Z wallpapers:
It’s a Japanese anime television series and now widely famous in various countries also. And the genre contains action, martial arts and comedy. And especially, the people who love fighters and action heroes can go for it. Having a wallpaper of dragon ball Z on desktop always tends viewer to think of bravery and epic. Moreover, HD resolution with bright color makes a realistic view also.
gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (15)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (14)

Sometimes, people want to change the old wallpaper as they get bored and want to try something new they never had before. And this may let them to hunt for something unique and here is the best option one can go for. Of course, this is not going to low down the status of desktop background as it had before.

Stylish and fantastic:
This amine character has stylish and fantastic attire, the way of looks and positive attitude always impress viewers. And when it comes to go with creativity one can try the scene view of any episodes. Well, it is also a good idea that parents can decorate their kid’s bedroom or toys same with dragon ball z picture. Fan following of this anime character has broadly increased and kids like to have toys, school bags and even the clothes.
gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (23)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (22)

Things to know before downloading a wallpaper:
The days has gone when people used to scan a print and then pasted on wall. This is internet world and technology has risen up higher now. And therefore on internet, plenty of websites are providing HD quality wallpaper.

Spam and virus: Before going to war, weapons and safety tools come together and safety comes first. Therefore, make sure first to get a antivirus programme in laptop. Because on websites no one knows how and where the virus will come and affect the laptop. So get the anti-virus first.
gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (13)

Dragon Ball Z HD Desktop Background

Free and premium wallpaper: Now, there is no need to worry about if there is difference in premium and free wallpaper’s quality. Fortunately, many websites are proving the same quality of wallpaper as the premium gives. So, kids must go to these sites and download the wallpaper.

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (24)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (21)

Colors and Quality: Here, undoubtedly, there is a big difference between HD quality and other normal wallpaper. It’s a high definition and brings the clear and crystal resolution to the wallpaper so that every color and part of view looks beautiful and real.

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (26)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (25)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (20)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (19)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (18)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (17)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (16)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (7)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (8)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (9)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (10)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (11)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (2)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (3)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (4)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (5)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (6)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (27)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (29)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (30)

gragon ball z wallpaper 1 (1)

Wallpaper always got the preference and first look as it obviously signifies the user’s nature creativity and interest. So, in order to enhance the creativity and interest one should go for try something new. And never compromise with colors and clarity of wallpaper. These beautiful HD dragon ball z wallpapers would beautify the looks of desktop background.

God gives life to the people and some of them are making it ill and sick so as to reach end point. Everybody knows that smoking kills and even then many of people are addicted to it. News channels daily showing that how many of people died or suffering from lung problem, even the worst condition is that, when it comes to know that a young boy has cancer. Now, in order to stop them all, anti-smoking ads are one of the best method so as to spread the awareness widely. Creative and clever anti-smoking ads can change the mind of addicted person.

anti-smoking ads26

Anti-smoking ads

In United States, use of tobacco responsible for more than 400,000 deaths and thousands of them were youngsters. Now, the question arises that how to make an impactful motivation in people so that they swear not to touch tobacco ever in life. Anti-smoking ads can reduce the smoking rates of people.

Why there is need of anti-smoking ads:
On a cigarette packet, company already had written that “smoking is injurious to health”, but even then smokers don’t pay attention to it. But the reality is while burning a cigarette smoker should have to know that he/she is burning lungs also. This awareness of losing life and having ill body can be spread through an anti-smoking ad.
Sometimes, a government also decided to run a campaign for smokers to let them know the bad effect of smoking.

anti-smoking ads29

anti-smoking ads30

How anti-smoking ads works:
Basically, in television and newspaper, anti smoking ads can be seen easily and graphics works here. Graphic designers do cleverly their job in effective way and when anyone looks at the ad, he/she realize that it’s not good to be a smoker. In order to make an huge successful ad, creativeness is responsible for that. The main intention and message is to hit the viewer’s heart and feelings to let him/her realize that smoking is not making him/her sick only but also spreading bad effect on family also.

anti-smoking ads25

In some ads, children are also used, that a girl is smoking while sitting on sofa, because she learnt this from her father. So when a man (if he is a father) sees that kind of ads, definitely he realizes his mistake and therefore, he may decide not to smoke again in life.

anti-smoking ads20

anti-smoking ads21

Youngsters are drastically addicted to tobacco, especially to cigarette; they don’t have any idea what would be the consequences. All they know is that smoking is status symbol and comes in their attitude format in friend circle. But consistently, as smoke goes to lungs so meanwhile they are making their young lungs ill and sick. Here, they need an impactful motivation and in anti smoking ad if they found the worse effect of smoking in ads.

How to make an ad more effective:
A specific anti smoking ad must be a direct hit! It must be designed in such a way that viewer’s mind cause him/her not to smoke again. And here the media could be a great option for giving a platform to particular ad. And either its governmental or non-governmental organisation, one should have first go for survey publicly. And the motivation and emotional touch can make an ad more effective. The promotion of ad must be at broad level which will show the disadvantages of smoking.

anti-smoking ads8

anti-smoking ads9

anti-smoking ads1

anti-smoking ads6

anti-smoking ads2

anti-smoking ads3

anti-smoking ads4

anti-smoking ads5

anti-smoking ads7

anti-smoking ads10

anti-smoking ads11

anti-smoking ads12

anti-smoking ads13

anti-smoking ads14

anti-smoking ads15

anti-smoking ads16

anti-smoking ads17

anti-smoking ads18

anti-smoking ads19

anti-smoking ads22

anti-smoking ads23

anti-smoking ads24

anti-smoking ads27

anti-smoking ads28

However, on public places an ad can be seen easily, like on hording board and the posters also used here. As technology and internet is now a super power for everyone and most of times people spend their time here. Graphic designers can get the more ideas from internet as there are plenty of professionals. By viewing these anti smoking ads, one could change his/her life.

Like humans, animals are also living things on this planet and many of us love them deeply. Usualy, many of species can’t be looked out in society, because they do have their own house-land, forest. However, in many countries, government have announced some areas as national park in order to keep them safe and free to live. But unfortunately, due to over-harvesting or hunting animals are getting invisible. And did any one of you have ever thought of about their life and area. Animal ad campaigns have been there to convey an effective message at broad level so smartly and gently, that no can deny that designers gave voice to these voiceless.
animals ad campaigns5

Animal ad campaigns

Animal ad campaigns are about animals spreading awareness in society, either on environmental or social issues. Designers are doing a wonderful and significant job as not only to save animal species but also to their house.

What are animal ad campaigns:
Actually, some NGOs(Non-governmental organisation) or social people who have dedication and worry about animals, organise such kind of campaigns. And animals ad campaign contains a picture of animal or specific species, with some editing which convey message to people very politely so that everyone get touched. Simply and smartly way of spreading a message through the advertisement with animal is so known as animal ad campaign.
animals ad campaigns24


animals ad campaigns26

Why there is need of animal ad campaigns:
In any specific country if hunting or killing a particular animal is already prohibited and a campaign has been running all over the country. Then there is need to take this campaign at broad level so that many of people get aware of it. This is how and where the animal ad campaign comes and does the job widely.
Now-a-days, promotion is the key of success and in order to make a campaign successful, more and more people should be connected with it. And that’s what the advertisement does.
animals ad campaigns20

animals ad campaigns21

animals ad campaigns22

How and why people get affected by animal ad campaigns:
As governmental or non-governmental organisation has decided to start a campaign then here the designer shows the creativity and realistic pictorial view to hit the viewer’s heart so as to encourage him/her.
The bright colors, innocence of animal and the edited part make an advertisement significant. While viewing an animal ad campaign, people got touched and inspired by that ad. Even sometimes ad contains a pet animal like dog or cat, so that to let the people realize about partiality and unfairness with animals.
animals ad campaigns17

animals ad campaigns18

animals ad campaigns19

How to make an ad more effective:
Designers know almost everything about how to make a shot! Here, the intention behind to make an advertisement is to spread message or to raise awareness about burning issue which has to be public. But it should be more attractive and sensible so that everybody would like to be a voice of it.
Now-a-days, technology is blooming and it would be best to make a combination of animal and animations. Like, by using bright colors and also if the humor (showing in advertisement) could be more sensual so that it stick with the viewer’s emotions. An advertisement needs plenty of viewers so it should be in shopping complex and on public places. On internet thousands of animal ad campaigns are there and are doing well also.
animals ad campaigns1

animals ad campaigns2

animals ad campaigns3

animals ad campaigns4

animals ad campaigns6

animals ad campaigns7

animals ad campaigns8

animals ad campaigns9

animals ad campaigns10

animals ad campaigns11

animals ad campaigns12

animals ad campaigns13

animals ad campaigns14

animals ad campaigns15

animals ad campaigns16

animals ad campaigns23

animals ad campaigns27


animals ad campaigns29

animals ad campaigns30

Making an animal ad campaigns is not so easy task to do for anyone. This is about like a walking away with hand in hand and later more hand would be added. A campaign is actually a voice, a promise and an inspiration for everyone.
Be a voice of campaign!!

Florencio Barroso belongs to Tenerife in Spain and is settled there for over 16 years. Barroso’s specialty is her landscape photography which enables her to capture the night time as well as the nature in a unique way that is truly different to everyone else. She also stated that her photography is aimed at reflecting works which contain a lot of beauty, true wonders of nature and carry a personal touch of her own. She strongly believes that all of her combined together ensures that she can convey what she feels in the best way! 500px is the best place to see Florencio Barroso’s complete work.

Landscape Photos


Perfect Daytime Landscape Photography

One of the clear cut features one notices in Barroso’s shots is the perfection he has captured every shot with. The day light has been beautifully incorporated into every picture so that the subject is not only enhanced but also takes the whole photography to a new level. In addition to this, Barroso has been intelligent to use different times of the day to capture the best of each moment. From sunsets to cloudy weather and clear skies, the photographer has done complete justice to every shot captured. When the weather is used at its best, the color and clarity of the subjects such as the cottages has deepened a lot more.

Landscape Photos


The Night Landscape Photography Is No Less

Barroso has shown his skills and expertise with night shots that are even merrier than those captured during the day time. One generally believes that the colors are best found during the day but Barroso has altered that trend and made the night scenery beautiful than they would appear to the natural eye. The galaxy of stars along with the effect it creates on the calm waters is certainly redefining.

Landscape Photos


A Focus Element

Cool and calming waters appeal to everyone and that is why Barroso is used them in the utmost manner in his landscape photography. Whether it is for the photography done during the day or the night, water remains a prominent feature of Barroso’s photography as a result; it makes the picture worth a thousand words. Besides making use of the water bodies, the sky at different times of the day and night has also added a new meaning to the landscape photography done by the photographer. For instance, the first rays of the Sun, or the sunset on the beach are excellent features which enhance the subjects photographed also speak volumes about Barroso’s craftsmanship.

Landscape Photos


The Perfect Guideline To Landscape Photography

If you are a novice at landscape photography and want to learn more, Florencio Barroso’s shots are the perfect source of knowledge so that you can enhance your skills and learn from the shots just right. The quality, use of elements, and the variety of angles covered by the photographer provide excellent learning to anyone who wants to pursue the field of landscape photography as a full time career. The pictures below offer tips for the new learners for whom the landscape photography is passion.

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos



In all, Barroso teaches photographers that in order to have the best shots, it is extremely important to take a number of risks and go out in the different weathers and experiment with the time zones so you know when the best captures can be shot. Barroso is not only intelligent but also very smart in the variety of time zones he has played with so as to bring about a photography that is truly unique and different from the rest. His variety of work proves that Florencio Barroso is just the man you must follow if you are a die-hard lover of the landscapes just like he is.

Often when you come across weird vintage photos, you may wonder why they were taken and what the time period they were captured in was. However, there is no reason why you would not want to disagree that all of such vintage pictures have something attractive to them. A range of these you come across will not only make you smile but also feel a little silly as to what were the people exactly thinking at that time. In the article that follows, you will come across a number of pictures which will leave you in awe. Remember a lot of these were captured during the Victorian era as well as the 20th century.

Vintage Photos


Older Than You Can Imagine

Vintage photography generally brings together classic times which are either not seen by many or have been largely neglected by people. A lot of these pictures may have no meaning but have the level of photography that is hard to meet. As you may see, there is a picture of a dog babysitting a child. A normal man would normally wonder as to what the photographer was trying to capture or was he just trying to come up with a unique pose. Although the question remains unanswered, there is an unjustifiable wit in these vintage shots which is hard to meet.

Vintage Photos


Vintage Photography For Advertisements

In the olden times, sci-fi themed print ads were fairly common. As a result they make a great contribution to the vintage photo collection. The classic example of such an advertisement is that of the telephone. As you may see the picture below in which a lady is displaying and advertising the product in a unique way.

Vintage Photos


Weird Vintage Photos That Makes Your Mind Boggle

The dogs with a taste for music or the boy buried in the ground, these wacky shots will certainly make your mind boggle with the kind of concept they strive to demonstrate. This is what vintage photography still makes a mark in the hearts of the modern viewers.

Vintage Photos


Vintage Brings To Surface Unique Inventions

The collection of photographs provides you with quite a number of inventions that you may have not found elsewhere. The bicycle in the round pipe, the woman trying to connect some machinery with her mind and the car with the broomsticks attached to its sides are inventions that the world will not see again and are perhaps confined to the good old days.

Vintage Photos


Vintage Photography Give You Giggles

A man trying to teach his child how to trust with holding him high up in the hands is perfect for a giggle. In addition to this, the poses such as the man with his hand in the rhinoceros’s mouth, the couple trying to kiss with their diver’s gear on, the trophy used as a hat for the little girl and a child having a boxing match with a dog are excellent when you need to cheer up after a stressful day.

Vintage Photos



Vintage photography is usually a rare collection of photographs. You can also come up with a collection of your own by preserving these shots in a digital album or making a beautiful scrapbook featuring these shots which have the beauty of a lifetime. If you are a passionate photographer, you want to recapture some of these shots by replicating the poses made in these vintage photos. The black and white color scheme should be maintained so that the vintage look of the photographs remains unchanged. You can do a couple of alterations to keep the vintage theme alive so that your photos look close. Below are few weird vintage photos which are of great help for the new learners for whom vintage photography is passion.

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

Katie Newborn is a creative photographer who was born and brought up in the Napa Valley which is home to a wide range of farms and wine makers. Newborn now has her own studio which is located in the warehouse in the Emeryville. Katie Newborn’s interests lie in working with her clients at the cool location of Bay Area. One of the best things one would find in Newborn’s photography is the fact that she ensures that the viewer gets the same experiences and feels the same way as she has felt. Moreover, Katie Newborn is a perfect example of how one can celebrate the personality of each individual along with the moments they hold closest to their hearts.


Food Photography Makes Your Mouth Water

The quality of the photography is generally determined by the kind of feelings it fills the viewer with. Impressive food photography by Newborn is a perfect example of how subjects must be captured so as to make the viewer feel exactly what the photographer has felt while capturing the shot. From acts so simple such as kneading flour to a basic arrangement of food items, Newborn’s photographs makes you want it more. Furthermore, the quality and clarity that one comes across when looking at Newborn’s photography is one that is hard to match.

food photography


Photography From Different Angles

Another prominent feature of Katie Newborn’s captures are the different angles she has tried to experiment with and it is magnificent how each one of the angles chosen has done complete justice to not only the subject but also the skills of the photographer herself. A grapefruit cut into two is generally of no interest to a passerby but Newborn knows how to which angle to shoot from so as to enhance the quality of picture as well make the viewer want to grab the fruit right away.

food photography


Innovation Is The Key To Food Photography

As we see, all photographs captured by Newborn have an innovation that makes every photography different from the next. Whether it is taking a shot of a pomegranate or the pancakes, Newborn has added a number of different elements which make the whole picture worth viewing over and over again. For instance, the pomegranate is placed as the background while only the juice of it filled in a spoon is used as the foreground. Also, all elements combine into each other beautifully so neither the seeds, nor the spoon looks like it is out of place.

food photography


Food Photography Is Most Viewer Friendly

Landscapes or natural sceneries may not appeal to everyone but it is hardly possible that food photography does not appeal to the viewer. Everyone loves food. It is not necessarily about the items of food used in the picture but something as simple as the hotdog left open to view its components can appeal to everyone.

Moreover, it is also very helpful when one needs to get new ideas on how to present the meals they prepare perhaps for a party or other special occasions. The amazingly photographed food pictures can be seen below.

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

Food Photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography

food photography


Katie Newborn’s love for food is not only prominent in the shots she has captured but it is also perfectly done to make any viewer fall in love with food all over again. In addition to this, the shots by Newborn also offer guidance to budding photographers about the kind of innovation and angles that can make their photographs stand out all the more. Also, use of a number of elements in one picture is also a skill so that each element blends appropriately and is not overpowering at the same time.

There is not a shadow of doubt that rainbows are associated with the positive feelings, power of diversity as well as creative energy. From the Greek Goddess Iris to the Rainbow Serpent of the Aborigines of Australia, the rainbow is widely looked at the tool of perception.As the article progresses, you will be informed about the science, magic and the mythology associated with the rainbow. It was Sir Isaac Newton who discovered that a rainbow is adorned by the seven colors it contains, namely: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Lovely Rainbow

In the modern eras, people often believe that the rainbow has only six colors and does not include the Indigo which is the tertiary color. Except Indigo, every other found in the rainbow is either primary or secondary. Many then question as to why Indigo is then part of the rainbow. Others answer that perhaps Newton had a good reason for including it in the system.


There are two phenomena associated with the formation of a rainbow system. One is that is caused by the appearance of the arc in the sky while the other is that it is nothing else but only a division of white light by the prism. In reality both assumptions are basically a result of the perspective one many carry in his mind. White light is also known as visible light and is believed to contain some particles of energy which express themselves in a cyclical motion generally forming waves. Prism on the other hand is a geometrical class object and triangular in shape. Up in the sky, the prism is replaced by a drop of water which is similar in shape of a prism and also triangular. The drop of water falling from the sky during rain contain in themselves the power to separate light by the scientific process of defraction.

 Lovely Rainbow

As a result, the white light is then separated into a variety of colors as per the frequency of the waves. Also one must keep in mind that the energy present in the white light is only a fraction of that which is present across the universe.

Lovely Rainbow

To the human eye, rainbows are purifying and truly a blessing. Some believe that it brings bad luck if you point at a rainbow or perhaps it is only a taboo. Weathers are largely associated with moods and after the rain, the view of a beautiful rainbow truly refreshes the mind of an individual as if giving them a new hope and the sign of a new beginning.

Lovely Rainbow

Rainbows that appear over a waterfall are actually more refreshing. Imagine yourself at a beach on a rainy day and the rainbow appears. There is no better feeling than just standing and taking in the beauty demonstrated and created by the Omnipotent. If the rain makes you feel gloomy and sad, all you need to do is find yourself a rainbow up there and it will brighten your day almost instantly.

 Lovely Rainbow

Other facts that are associated with a rainbow include the belief that the end of a rainbow usually points towards something and brings good luck. People also believe that it often points towards a pot of gold which is perhaps invisible to the human eye.

It is better to keep all the superstitions at bay and enjoy the beautiful view cast by a rainbow which is just the thing you need to light up your gloomy days. When the rain is about to come, prepare yourself and children to watch out for a rainbow, it may be rare but when it shows it is nothing but pure happiness.

Following Are Some Amazing Pictures Of Rainbows

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

Lovely Rainbow

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When you are talking about photography features like bokeh, soft colors and lighting, Nina is just the photographer you must be looking at. The best part about Nina’s photography is that she takes into perspective items that are usually left ignored and not paid attention to as we walk by. For instance, you may pass by an old car or bicycle parked in a corner on the street but Nina’s eye does not leave them as they are. She photographs them instead. Nina also stated that she has loved photography since forever. She realizes that although it has now been long since she got serious about it and that the love for photography has also increased exponentially. One of the most prominent things you can come across is that she captures the environment and delves deeper into it. Furthermore, if you are one of those people who loves to live in the little moments, this is just the kind of photography you must follow.

Travel Photography

Simple Subjects, Greater Impact

One of the most prominent features of Nina’s photography is the simple subjects she captures. This makes her photography certainly unique from the rest. We tend to pass by a cup of coffee, or a parked Vespa but seldom do we give it a thought. It is commendable how Nina has photographed the essence of these items in their purest of forms. If you are a travel photographer, you may want to consider some of Nina’s tricks and try to implement it on your work.

Travel Photography


Use of Angles

Nina has differentiated her shoots a great deal by the variety of angles she has put to work. A simple object such as a flower vase has been made to look extravagant just because of the angle that Nina has chosen. This is definitely a lesson for budding photographer who want to add versatility to the work they do. Capturing the same object from a different angle can change the way a photograph looks and it thereby has the ability to make the picture look more meaningful.

Travel Photography

Enhancing the Simplicity

A number of photographers tend to edit the photographs a little too much due to which the site captured loses its natural charm. This is one area where Nina’s photography outclasses the rest. She does not overdo the subjects captured which enables her to keep alive the simplicity in the shot. As a result, Nina’s captures are closer to real life and one may feel connected to them at various levels.

Travel Photography

Capturing the Ordinary

One classic feature of Nina’s shots is that she has not gone for extravagant areas or landscapes as a travel photographer would normally do. She has done exceptional work with the ordinary subjects she has photographed which make her photography skills not only unique but also different from all the rest. As a travel photographer, Nina gives the message of taking simple objects and turning them into beautiful sceneries.

Travel Photography


If you want to become a travel photographer, Nina can turn to become your greatest inspiration. When you want to maximize the results of your work, it is better to go after simple objects and make the most out of them. This will ensure that your photographs are inspiring and effective. Each of the photos captured by Nina show excellent technique and skill which can serve as great guidelines for new photographers who are pursuing the same career. In all, travel photography is less about tourist locations and more about capturing simple objects and turning them into extraordinary by skill and technique. This is all Nina’s photography is about.

Below Are The Best Examples Of Travel Photography

Travel Photography

8Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

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