25 How To Take a Photo With Blurred Background

Taking a perfect photo requires lot of techniques and ideas. Just clicking a photo is very easy but nowadays certain methods are used to make a photo more creative and artistic. Photographers use various ways to make the picture fantastic and distinct from all other photos. Photographers have to take care of light, brightness, contrast,

mother and son photography poses

25 Cute Mother and Son Photography Poses

Clicking through camera is not at all difficult but a perfect epic is really tricky. Photography is a tremendous art and for that its schooling is required. Sometimes people are born with a talent of being a good photographer without any training. Selection of correct angle, contrast, color and light is essential for an ideal

japan beautiful photos

25 Nice Collection of Japan Beautiful Photos

Japan is a spectacular country to spend your memorable vacations. The autumn and winter seasons in Japan are the most attractive period for tourists. There are many colorful and phenomenal gardens in Japan. It has many tremendous buildings and towers. Some amazing photos collection of Japan have been gathered to facilitate the readers by viewing

sunset over water photos

25 Beautiful Sunset Over Water

GOD has kept an immense beauty in various things of nature. Nature is a great source of inspiration. Sky, moon, desert, flowers, tress, animals, greenery in fact everything has its unique importance and attraction. These are the blessings for mankind. Vibrant colors and magical gorgeousness in the nature is magnificent. Views and sceneries are the

photographs from history

25 Popular Photographs From History

Popular Photographs From History Introduction: History is full of mysterious things. Some very amazing and popular photographs are gathered from history that blows our mind. 1.       This is a photo taken in 1993, at Surrey England. Queen Elizabeth looked amazing showing her interest in war equipments. She is firing a British L85 battle rifle. This is one