There is a famous saying that old is gold. With the advancement of science and technology. We are provided with all the latest and upgraded gadgets.    Every second day you get an advance version of your devices with better and much improved features. In such a time it seems quite strange that peoples are still interested in antiques. It is because of the passion of the antique lovers. Most of these vintage items are ineffectual and cost a huge sum of money too. But that doesn’t discourage the antique lover. Only a jeweler can tell you the real price of gold.

Antique items can be as old as hundred years. And are handed down from generations to generations. Out of many items, like furniture, old jewelry, folk arts, quilts. Collecting vintage cameras is one of the hobbies and passion of this classic art admirer.

In 19TH century wooden camera were used to keep it dark from inside. They also used brass and leather parts. Kodak and Polaroid were the two big names by that time. A Rolleiflex camera that was developed by the Germans in 1920’s was intended basically for professional photographers. Due to its durability, compact size and superior optics. Duaflex II was made around 1950’s by Kodak. It comes with a 620 roll film. This camera always gives a mirror image. As it has a mirror reflector on top that is used as a view finder. One of the special features of this camera is that it is provided with double-exposure prevention. Leica camera is founded by Ernst Leitz. It was released in 1925 as a first handheld camera. These light weight and portable cameras were owned by few peoples due to its high cost at that time. With a little service and a good care these cameras can still be used today. Due to which they are among one of the most highly collectable vintage cameras. The Graflex Crown Graphic 4×5 produced in 1912 was the most famous press camera. They became very famous due to their durability and desirable quality. Since they are light and easy to carry they are best used for field works.  Although obsolete today but the vintage collectors could find them on the used markets with a reasonable price. Polaroid cameras developed in 1940’s were the revolutionary cameras that provided the basis for the smart phone-app. This remarkable camera is best known as an instant film camera. Which is why, this camera becomes hot favorite soon it came in the market. The Argus C3 cameras produced by Argus in 1939. This affordable and economical camera became popular due to its small size and weight and stylish appearance. The Herco Imperial cameras were plastic box cameras. It is a very inexpensive camera and uses 620 films but very simple to use. Linhof camera has a history from 1934 till today. These cameras gain popularity due to their new square shape at that time. Thousands of photographers are still using these antique cameras. Coronet Ambassador Vintage Box was developed in mid 1920’s. Low price and high quality are the points for their good sale and popularity. Vintage-gear -loving photographers shows a good deal of interest in it. That is why it is still being auctioned at good price.

Pictures Of Vintage Cameras


vintage camera1

vintage camera2

vintage camera3

vintage camera4

vintage camera5

vintage camera9

vintage camera10

vintage camera11

vintage camera12

vintage camera13

vintage camera15

vintage camera16

vintage camera17

vintage camera19

vintage camera21

vintage camera22

vintage camera23

vintage camera25

vintage camera6

vintage camera7

vintage camera8


vintage camera14

vintage camera18

vintage camera20

vintage camera24


Some people collect antique items due to their emotional or sentimental attachment to those historic items. Or in some case for decorating their houses. Collecting antiques could be a good business too. Whatever, the reason would be. The fact is that, despite of all the updated cameras available in the market. An antique and vintage camera has not lost their importance and photographers are still keen in buying them.


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