With so much of competition and a great deal of advancement in technology. You need to be extremely creative to get noticed. There are many options for peoples. In order to stand out in the race of life. You have to think differently to be conspicuous from others. We are blessed with a millions of new equipments. So we need to start getting help from these gadgets and create something new to attract the audience. Like these pictures taken exactly at the right angle at the right time. Which makes them very interesting and fascinating.

Taking a picture of two horses standing in a stable is very common. But the right angle with which the picture is taken is commendable. It appears that one horse is peeking from the mouth of other. That makes the picture very interesting. A dog is sitting on the lap of a man. But very creatively this picture is taken from the right angle. Giving the illusion as the man is dog faced. Creativity comes from imagination. And imagination depends on how you think. A plane flying in front of the largest statue of the Christ the Redeemer at Brazil. The picture is taken so smartly that it is giving the false impression as it is the shadow of the plane.

Creative photography is very exciting. It is not only like taking your simple family photo to view in future. But it is about discovering something new every time you shoot something. Like this picture in which a building seems to be in fire and covered with smoke. But in actual, as you scroll down the photo. You will find out that it is the interesting art by the photographer. He has very imaginatively used a smoke from the women mouth near a building creating an illusion as if the building is in fire. Putting the camera down and taking the picture from the low angle can create spectacular pictures. The picture of a baby whose foots looks larger than its body is the result of this amazing trick. Taking a picture at the right angle can turn simple images into a great work of art. A girl’s face is surrounded by bubbles but the right angle has made them look on her glasses. A yelling cat with a women face exactly at its back at a perfect place is no doubt an excellent piece of work by the photographer. He is successful in capturing his idea of a cat-faced woman.


A term Altered Reality is used in photography. This means to take a click in such a manner that the image must display a different shape, color, form or a blend of all three of them. An incredibly inspiring picture in which paraglide seems to be touching the moon is one of the example of such photography. It is a marvelous illustration of perfect angle with perfect timing by the photographer.


A stunning success can also be achieved by taking the help of some props. A simple bottle of cold drink placed at a perfect place and taking the picture from the right angle has made this picture very appealing. This photograph is a brilliant instance of ingenuity.


Pictures Taken Exactly At The Right Angle

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A photographer should not hesitate in creating something new. Unique and fresh ideas may looks alien and people will criticize. But the successful person takes all the criticism for grooming themselves. So try giving practical shapes to your ideas and you in turn can produce masterpiece. Remember that you don’t need to buy costly cameras and its accessories. But your creativity and ingenuity can turn the tables to your side.


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