to become a photographer

Following are the tips helps you to become a Photographer


Photography is not only a profession but now it is has become one of the well-loved hobby. People use to buy cameras to capture some incredible moments of their life. But expert photographers invest handsome money to buy an expensive camera with all possible equipments. Keeping in view all the important points of photography. Here we will discuss some very essential tips to be a best photographer. These tips are helpful for those who are willing to start there carrier.

1.       Build Your Portfolio:

If you are interested to be a professional photographer, than build an outstanding portfolio. It must show a wide range of your talent.


2.       The Rule Of Thirds: 

Most of the cameras provide a grind in your screen. According to this rule you need to imagine your image divided into three rows of three or consider nine even blocks on your image. Now you need to frame your focus point of the photo along one of the sets of intersecting lines. This “Rule of Third” can help you improve your picture quality and brings out an incredibly nice photo.


3.       Changing Angles: 

There are thousands of ways by which you can change the perception of images. Don’t take the picture from front only try to capture an image by various angles. Climb on some height, from top view, turning your camera to some degrees and then see the magic of an outcome.


4.       Background:

Always opt for a decent background otherwise it will divert the attention from the subject. Plain backgrounds are preferred but it doesn’t mean a plain sheet behind a photo. Greenery, waterfall or any flowery background gives a soothing effect and hence enhances the beauty of photo. 


5.       High Quality Camera: 

A good quality of camera is needed to have high quality image. If photography is more than your hobby then invest on good camera. This will you learn easily as it will have all possible features required for a superb photography.


6.       Focusing On Subject: 

Weather you focus your subject through lens or go near to it but it should fill the screen. Frivolous background is not as important as your subject.

Eiffel tower reflection in camera lenses

7.       Practice Make The Man Perfect: 

Take as many shots as possible up till it satisfies you completely. Sometimes one picture comes out to be the best out of many random shots.


8.       Ignore The Lens: 


You should direct the subject to avoid looking on the lens directly. Avoiding a lens is a good practice otherwise a red eye problem usually occurs.


9.       Natural Light: 

Always prefer to take photos on natural light otherwise an extra light can never give such brilliant effect.


10.   Focus On Subject Eye: 

Photographer should not be frightened from an animal or child while taking their shots. Eye to eye contact is very essential.